Favourite resources 3: Barrier Games


Barrier game set up

Barrier games are a fantastic communication activity. They develop careful listening, clarification strategies, theory of mind, and the ability to give specific instructions. They can be used to teach positional concepts (like top, bottom, next to, left, right…), descriptive vocab (eg. Colours, Dirty, clean, size, broken, spotty, stripy, emotions, etc) or themed vocab (eg. Body parts, clothing, transport, animals, furniture, etc).
Barrier game ideas include:
– Colouring a picture the same
– stacking blocks in the same order
– threading beads in the same order
– lining up toy cars or animals or action figures etc in the same order
– placing small objects (coloured counters, toy animals, buttons, etc) on a scene
– making a sandwich
– dressing a doll

You can make your own barrier games, or buy them or find them on the web. Some commercial choices I like are:
Pelican Speech ‘My First Barrier Games’
Grow Words
Black Sheep Press

Some web sources include:


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