ASHA Identify the Signs Campaign

ASHA Identify the Signs Campaign

American Speech and Hearing Association have launched a campaign to encourage early identification and treatment of communication disorders.

“The Identify the Signs campaign aims to educate the public about the warning signs of communication disorders. Speech, language, and hearing disorders are treatable and early detection is a major contributor to speedier recoveries, shortened treatment periods, and reduced costs for individuals and society alike. Visitors are encouraged to use this site to learn the warning signs; get professional help, if necessary; and share the site and its information with family, friends, and social networks.”

Welcome Meg

i’m very pleased to welcome Meg Redway to Top End Speech.  She started in August and is also working part-time with the Newborn Hearing Screening Program at RDH. Meg has worked with people of all ages in NSW Sth Australia and the UK. Like the other speechies at Top End Speech, Meg is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist,  which means she is a current member of Speech Pathology Australia and regularly participates in  continuing professional development. She also has an Ochre Card, like the rest of us.


Favourite resources 3: Barrier Games


Barrier game set up

Barrier games are a fantastic communication activity. They develop careful listening, clarification strategies, theory of mind, and the ability to give specific instructions. They can be used to teach positional concepts (like top, bottom, next to, left, right…), descriptive vocab (eg. Colours, Dirty, clean, size, broken, spotty, stripy, emotions, etc) or themed vocab (eg. Body parts, clothing, transport, animals, furniture, etc).
Barrier game ideas include:
– Colouring a picture the same
– stacking blocks in the same order
– threading beads in the same order
– lining up toy cars or animals or action figures etc in the same order
– placing small objects (coloured counters, toy animals, buttons, etc) on a scene
– making a sandwich
– dressing a doll

You can make your own barrier games, or buy them or find them on the web. Some commercial choices I like are:
Pelican Speech ‘My First Barrier Games’
Grow Words
Black Sheep Press

Some web sources include:

Speech Pathology student placement in Katherine

I had the pleasure of spending last Tuesday with a group of four speech pathology students from Uni of Sydney. They are doing a six week placement at a Katherine primary school but had two days for orientation in Darwin first. One of the aims of the placement is to partially address the gaps in speech pathology services for Katherine kids. At present, there are 1.4 public speech pathologists for the entire Katherine region! The students seem very supportive of each other and I was impressed with their enthusiasm to learn. They are keeping a blog of their experiences here: