Top End Speech Pathology provides services to people of all ages. Our services include assessment, therapy and training for a wide range of communication and swallowing difficulties.

We provide services at our clinic in Fannie Bay, as well as at schools, homes, and childcare centres. We also provide services to residents in supported independent living, Aged Care centres, and inpatients of Darwin Private Hospital.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, we can assess their speech, language, literacy, play and social skills. Hopefully we can put your mind at rest and reassure you that they are at or near the expected level for their age, but if not, we can help with strategies and therapy activities to develop their areas of need.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment.

Contact us on 08 8927 1427.

31 thoughts on “Home”

    1. You are so right -early intervention is key to a good outcome. Also, parents should trust their own intuition. Many well-meaning relatives, GPs and community nurses tend to downplay parent concerns, but parents know their child best.

  1. Hello

    My 2 year and 7 month old son isn’t able to communicate to us when he really wants something. Would like to speak to someone about this please.

    Thank you

      1. Hi Fran,

        We would like to try this again. Things have not improved as we never followed up and hoping to get some information to see someone still for our now 3 year and 9 month old son.

        Very concerned

        Thanks Indah

  2. Just looking at booking our 6 year old into get his hearing and speech assessed and wondering how to begin this process.

  3. Hi,

    I have a 22 month old daughter who is still not speaking. She signs a bit and is fantastic at letting us know what she wants. She also understands pretty much everything we are saying.
    Sometimes when she thinks no-one is listening she will say a 5-6 word sentence and then she will go back to her baby talk.
    I was hoping to book her in for assessment if possible. How much would that be and when is your earliest appointment?

  4. Our son Balin was assessed by a paediatrician 12 months ago – a slight concern was expressive speech delay. He has also had two full hearing checks – results are normal. He has just started preschool here in Jabiru and the teacher has flagged a concern with speech. Can we make an appointment for an assessment?

  5. Hello, I am interested in getting an appointment for my daughter.
    She turned 3 in December.
    She has had a subtle lisp for quite some time (? 6 + months) and we are wondering if this is an issue.
    Is this appropriate for assessment?
    Regards, Kirsten

  6. hi ..my daugther is 28 months and i think she has a tongue tie .she can’t able to pronounce well the words.and she also delayed in speech..i wanna know how much does it cost to check and evaluate her.. thanks

    concerned mom

  7. Hi
    I have a stutter and wanting information on who to talk to or see so I can get better.
    Thank you
    Michael Holt

  8. Hi,
    Can I please make and appointment for my grandson Jamal Noakes early August.
    Whats your lastest appointment? Do you do weekend appointments? How much for a consult?

    1. Hi Tasha, I have sent you an email with further information. At present we don’t offer weekend appointments, but this may change. we try to finish appointments by 4.30-5.

  9. Hello,

    I would like to arrange an appointment for my 25 month old son as we are concerned about his speech. We are travelling Australia and will be in Darwin from June 10th 2019 for a few weeks.
    Can I arrange an appointment over email or should I call?
    Thanks, Lauren

  10. Hello,
    My 4 year old son has a communication deficit and I am looking for some strategies to assist him to pronounce his letters, sounds and words clearer.
    What are your costings and how can we refer.

  11. Hello, My 5 and half year old daughter has developed a stutter where she repeats the first syllable of a sentence for a few seconds. Its happened over the last 6 weeks. She is now physically straining to get her sentences started. She went through a patch when she was about two but it went away. It seems to be getting more severe by the week. She is otherwise very articulate and bright. Was hoping you could send me through your price and availability for an appointment. Thanks.

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